Wonder and Order

Imparting Wonder. Teaching Order.

A Community

This is a space to get excited about math together! 

As Charlotte Mason educators, we want our children to join in each part of the feast of ideas. We hope that they not only join, but also enjoy the feast.
How can you do this for mathematics when you may not feel that joy?What do you present for upper-level mathematics to make it living?

In this community, we will be having discussions about the beauty of math, sharing resources, and providing help to all those math questions. Dr. Julie and Tabitha will be actively available to join in, encourage, and share our love of mathematics. They will also host monthly live Q&As, where we can sip coffee and talk math.

We want you to see and appreciate the beauty of math, so that you can share that love with your children. 

While the community is encouraging, it was really created as a place to house our Parent Course.


Parent Course

Our Parent-Course is a unique opportunity for you to grow alongside other parents who also want to be equipped to provide a living education in mathematics to their children.

"We are so made that truth, absolute and certain truth, is a perfect joy to us; and that is the joy that mathematics afford. "         ~ Charlotte Mason

In true Charlotte Mason fashion our Parent Course has three streams:

  • Philosophy of Math Education
    • Learn how to teach math in a living way. This stream contains Charlotte Mason PNEU articles as well as ideas from modern mathematicians, including Dr. Julie and Tabitha.
  • Math Basics
    • While you brush up on some basic arithmetic and algebra skills, these lessons will provide an example of how to present a living math lesson.
  • Captain Ideas
    • Another example of a math lesson, in this part of the course we will have fun with math and experience the beauty of mathematics. These are perfect mother culture lessons, but also great to share with your children.

As a community, we will share our thoughts and discuss each assignment throughout the year. With the monthly Q&As from the community section, there is an activity posted to participate in each week for a 36-week course.

Once you have joined the community, you will be able to purchase the course.


Live Q&A Sessions

Do you feel like you need somewhere to turn when your math lesson stalls? When your student is stuck, do you wish you knew how to guide him? Wouldn't it be nice to discuss your math plans with someone who loves math? Would you like to hear a mathematician's perspective regarding your specific questions? 

Tabitha and Julie host live Q & A sessions to answer your individual questions pertaining to a living education in mathematics. Bring us your questions regarding quadratic equations or how many problems to assign or calculator usage. Let's sit together with a cup of coffee and have a conversation about math. 

About Us

We are a couple of homeschool moms and math teachers that want to impart the wonder of mathematics, not only to our students, but to parents as well. Mathematics is God's language of how he creates the universe. It's amazing and inspiring just for this reason. 

In this community, Dr. Julie and Tabitha will guide you on a journey of bringing a sense of order and awe to a subject in which so many adults feel inadequate. We want to show you these wonders, explain the language of mathematics, and develop a better philosophy of teaching this subject.

Course Add-Ons

Wonder and Order Parent Course

Once you are a part of the Wonder and Order Community, you are able to purchase our Parent Course for $100. You will have access to it as long as you are a member of the Wonder and Order Community.

Once you have completed the Parent Course, you are able to continue your studies by being a part of our math book club at no extra fee.

Parent-Audit Self-Paced Courses

In the community, you have the option to purchase a parent-audit of our self-paced algebra and geometry courses. These are the same lessons our Climbing Higher Math Self-Paced students have. (This is our beta-year for them, so they may contain typos and such.)

These are $75 each and are available to you through the end of the 2023-24 school year.


There are various bundle options of each of our courses for discounted prices.

When to Join

You can join the community at any time.

For the optimum experience, we suggest that you purchase courses in August. 

All courses begin in mid-August. Joining courses at the same time as the rest of the community, allows you to be a part of the conversations as others are doing them too.